Voice Response and Pharmacy Calls

While you do not want to be impersonal with your pharmacy customers, it can be quite a challenge to answer all incoming calls at all times. There are just so many and, when most do not require a live person to accommodate, it is really a waste of time to answer directly.

This is when a good pharmacy ivr system comes in handy. There are a number of choices you have for the interactive voice response system. There is the classic variety that you are familiar with. That is the one where you have to push buttons in response to the menu options.

Then there is the newer version which is much better. These newer systems respond to the customer’s voice rather than relying just on numbers to be punched in. This way, a customer may feel like they have more control over the menu options as they receive them.

pharmacy ivr system

You need to be sure that you choose the right system for your customer base. The biggest advantage of this sort of system is that all refill calls will be handled by the system and the information will go straight to your computers so that all the refills are fully handled.

Even basic information such as store hours and directions can be automated so you and your staff do not have to waste time answering all of those questions in addition to everything else that must be done in a day. This all allows you and your staff to have more time to pay attention to important matters.

At the same time, patients needing direct assistance can still get it. They can always be offered the option to speak to the pharmacist or an assistant if they need to. This way, all the options are covered in just the right way so all are pleased.