Get Your Certification for DOT Medicine

The Department of Transportation has certain standards that people have to meet in order to be fully licensed to drive commercially. They have to pass a clear physical with a great deal of medical history and documentation taken down. That means they need to go to a qualified physician who can do this.

If you want to be one of those physicians with a dot medical certification, you will need to take a course to do it. This is important. There is no other way to be a clinician who can do the DOT exam steps for patients. That is a special level of allowance.

You will have to know all the ins and outs of the laws and regulations but, considering that you have already gotten a medical degree, that should not be so difficult for you to do. You just want to be sure that you do it so you can be listed as one of the qualified physicians to do this.

You will have to be able to go over the medical tests and records of individuals in such a way as to determine if they are fully fit for safe, long term driving periods. This can be tricky. You will have to evaluate for all sorts of conditions like sleep apnea and even potential narcolepsy.

dot medical certification

There are a number of health requirements that the DOT poses for drivers to get and keep their CDL certification. You will be one of the physicians on the forefront of this effort. Finally, you will be giving a new level of care back to the community with your diligent work to ensure that drivers are safe all around.

Find out online now about the right course to take and all the requirements that you will have to meet in order to become a full dot medical examiner.